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World premiere

The VIKING iMow TeaM mows with up to ten robotic mowers

The dream team on the lawn
The iMow robotic mower TeaM from VIKING represents a world first. Between two and ten robotic mowers MI 632 M swarm out onto the lawn and together take care of large lawns upwards of 4,000 square metres, such as football pitches- and golf courses, parks or outdoor swimming pools. The team is controlled with a single user-friendly app.

Team performance is a key to success. Footballers aren't the only ones to know this. That's why VIKING has made the successful iMow MI 632 M into a team player. Intelligent software networks the robotic mower with the iMow TeaM, making it possible for the first time ever to mow large lawns using multiple machines simultaneously. A team consists of at least two and up to ten iMow machines. The robotic mowers operate automatically and perform routine jobs in parks, at outdoor swimming pools or on golf courses, thus freeing up resources for other tasks. But these aren't the only challenges that the iMow TeaM can master. It opens up new possibilities for heavily used areas such as football pitches, where the time frame for lawn care is often very narrow.

Full control with the VIKING app
This is all possible thanks to the Internet of Things. Sensors on the robotic mowers transmit data wirelessly to the Internet, where the VIKING software coordinates and monitors the operation of up to ten robotic mowers. These processes run in the background. The user has full control of and access to the machines at all times no matter where they are with the free VIKING app on their mobile phone or tablet. The easy-to-understand, simple menu navigation helps the user to find their way around quickly. No prior technical knowledge is needed – an assistant program guides the user through initial installation. Once the mowing plan for an iMow has been created, the server automatically transfers the data to the entire team.

Random, yet according to plan
The iMow TeaM members navigate within an installed perimeter wire and mow strips randomly, without getting in one another's way. This mowing ballet follows a random algorithm that delivers a beautifully uniform result. If specific areas require thorough mowing by the robotic mowers, the app can be used to program up to four intensive zones (with three levels of intensity). The machines work more intensively in these areas thanks to smart technology.

From a single machine to a team: Stronger together
A team is only as good as its members. Every iMow model MI 632 M delivers top performance. This includes changing direction when the iMow encounters obstacles such as trees, for example. On inclines (up to 45 per cent) and steep terrain, the control unit responds by slowing down. Sensors on the device detect when it is raining, when the battery becomes discharged or when the work is finished. The MI 632 M then actuates a docking station, where it parks securely or recharges. Working in a team means that each robotic mower may use any free docking station. The docking stations can also be placed in a protected area outside the lawn area to be mowed. This is useful in the case of freely accessible areas such as public parks or football pitches. In the docking station, the iMow charges its power battery using the evolutionary STIHL technology.

Mowing and mulching
When it comes to lawn care, the proven VIKING mulching technology comes into play. The sturdy rotating blade cuts the grass cleanly and precisely. The blade is particularly long-lasting because it is sharpened along both edges, which wear evenly thanks to a regular change in rotational direction. The millimetre-short mown grass remains on the lawn, providing valuable, ecological fertiliser.

Maximum safety
Safety has priority with the robotic mower, particularly with regard to the sharp blades. Sensitive lift sensors reliably detect when the iMow is raised and the blade stops instantaneously. The machine can be carried comfortably using the ergonomically shaped carrying handle, and the blade is automatically positioned away from the body.

Technical specifications:

iMow TeaM members 2 - 10 robotic mowers MI 632 M
Perimeter wire Only one perimeter wire loop required
Programming One app for all iMows
Cutting height 20 - 60 mm
Cutting height adjustment Centrally to 15 settings
Battery type Li-ion battery

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