Responsibility as a core principle

STIHL Tirol sustainability
STIHL Tirol sustainability

Stronger together

As a family company, STIHL Tirol attaches great importance to corporate and social responsibility. We fulfil this role in many ways - with discretionary employee benefits, top apprenticeships and social involvement in the local area. Our actions are shaped by continuity and a long-term perspective. This is part of what sustainability means to us, along with the resource-efficient production of STIHL products.

Sustainability and environment

Sustainability plays an important role for STIHL Tirol. This is why we have set ourselves the goal of making a comprehensive contribution to sustainable development as a company, as an employer and as part of society. After all, sustainable development can only be achieved when the interests of the environment, humanity and the economy are all in perfect harmony.

We began to introduce measures for an economical approach towards energy and the efficient use of all resources many years ago. These include the photovoltaic system on the roof of the company building, converting our fleet of company vehicles to hybrid and electric vehicles, switching to LED lighting and installing carbon filter systems to reduce heating costs.

Social commitment and inclusion

In addition, we consciously focus on social responsibility and believe that the diversity of our employees greatly enriches our company. By employing people with disabilities, we safeguard their opportunities, provide them with new prospects and support them in leading an independent life.

In recognition of this engagement, STIHL Tirol was awarded the "We are inclusive" award for the third time in 2022. In addition to internal activities, STIHL Tirol also supports important local institutions such as Lebenshilfe, SOS Children's Villages, the RollOn association, the region's Diakonie social welfare organisations and the volunteer fire brigade.

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