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STIHL Tirol building
STIHL Tirol building

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STIHL Tirol is known for developing and producing as much as possible in-house. When we do work with suppliers, we require the quality to match our standards. The high expectations that STIHL customers set for our products are passed on in the same way to our suppliers. The quality and success of our products ultimately depend to a great extent on the efficiency of our suppliers. In addition to high quality requirements, we also practice social responsibility and sustainable management, which we expect from our suppliers too. 

STIHL Supplier Portals

We use two portals to communicate with our suppliers and other external partners. There is a difference in the security level of the data and documents stored on these platforms.

The STIHL Supplier Portal is used for general communication with suppliers and maintaining supplier informations. In the future, you will get further information and applications in purchasing (e.g. quotation), quality and logistics. Please use this login, if you have applied to be a supplier for STIHL or you have been invited to register in this portal.

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On the STIHL Collaboration Portal we exchange confidential documents and data with our suppliers. Additionally we provide logistics applications here for selected suppliers.

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Become a STIHL supplier

As part of our responsibility towards our customers, we commit ourselves to develop and manufacture garden products with outstanding quality. That's why we select our suppliers carefully and work closely with them. Are you interested in working together on the long term, on a basis of partnership? Do you want to master future challenges for our mutual benefit, including all the process sequences in that context? Then find out here about the opportunities for successful cooperation with STIHL Tirol.

This is what we expect from our partners:

  • High standard of quality
  • Competitive terms
  • Flexibility and reliability
  • Top-class organisation and communication
  • Excellent service and continuity
  • Willingness to transfer knowledge and to innovate
  • Compliance with legal requirements, including in particular in the areas of industrial safety and environmental protection
  • Observance of the Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Apply on our application form:

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Documents for download

Here you can find the STIHL Tirol terms and conditions of purchase and delivery.

List of Documents for Download:


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