What is SAP Ariba?

The SAP Business Network simplifies joint collaboration between buyers and sellers. This leads to increased efficiency in collaboration and further transparency in business processes. According to SAP, there were around 4.4 million companies from 190 countries which were Ariba network partners in 2022. They have dealt with more than 195 million catalog items, executed 180 million transactions and achieved a trading volume of almost 3 billion US dollars.

Benefits for you at a glance

Processing transactions via the SAP Business Network offers great advantages not only for STIHL, but also for you as a supplier.  Some of the advantages you can expect from SAP Business Network registration:

  • Transparent end-to-end process

  • Real-time access and processing

  • More efficient collaboration

  • Realization of further business opportunities 

  • Standardized processes

Which SAP/Ariba modules are used at STIHL?

SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP)

The SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP) is used by STIHL to involve, qualify, segment and manage suppliers. Advantages of the SLP solution:

  • Deployment in the cloud

  • Integration with SAP Ariba solutions

  • Self-service portal for data maintained by the supplier

  • Adaptable supplier qualification and segmentation workflows

    Suppliers who already have a business relationship with STIHL will be gradually invited for onboarding during the respective rollouts. This will be done by means of a “Project Notification Letter” or on receipt of the first Ariba order.


Further information / Supplier Guide (PDF)

1.  Ariba SLP - Registration

SAP Ariba Procurement

SAP Ariba Guided Buying and Spend Management (= SAP Ariba Procurement) simplifies and speeds up the procurement process and communication between STIHL and suppliers.

  • Creation and dispatch of the order
  • Order confirmation
  • Incoming goods
  • Service recording
  • Invoice receipt via Business Network


Further information / Supplier Guides (PDF)

1.  SAP Business Network -  settings
2. Guided Buying - order confirmation
3. Guided Buying - invoicing goods order
4. Guided Buying - create service entry invoicing

Supply Chain Collaboration

SAP Business Network Supply Chain Collaboration facilitates collaboration with suppliers and automation of procurement processes for series purchasing.

  • Exchange orders / delivery schedule approvals in real time.
  • Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN)


Further information / Supplier Guide (PDF)

1.  Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC) - delivery schedule

Strategic Sourcing

The sourcing module enables STIHL to carry out standardized procurement projects and to more effectively identify the right supplier for the specified business requirements.

As such the module serves as a central communication and documentation platform. It is expected to be rolled out on a pilot basis in Austria in July 2024.


What are the costs for an Ariba Enterprise account?

Suppliers have the option of choosing between a free Ariba Standard Account and a chargeable Ariba Enterprise Account.

Further information on the distinction


How much does an Ariba Enterprise account cost? How can I contact the SAP Support Team?

You can reach the SAP Support Team via the SAP Help Center.

More information about using the Help Center and other support options

If we have multiple customers in Ariba, do we have to pay for multiple subscriptions?

No. You will be assigned a single subscription that covers all customer relationships.

Where and for how long are my data sotred when using SAP Ariba and who has access to those data?

The Ariba cloud system accessed by STIHL is predominantly run on servers in Europe. The minimum duration of data storage is based on the length mandated by German law and can be viewed in the SAP TrustCenter. All information on data security, the SAP data center for Europe and FAQs can be found there.

Further FAQs from SAP