STIHL Tirol goes Innsbruck!

In the future, STIHL Tirol employees will have the opportunity to work from Innsbruck. A new office is currently being set up there, which is intended to benefit existing staff while also giving new employees and students from the Tiroler Oberland region, Innsbruck and the surrounding area the opportunity to work for STIHL Tirol in Innsbruck.

The location of the new “Innsbruck office” is ideal: the transport links are very good, it is close to the city centre and there are supermarkets, various restaurants and shopping centres in the immediate vicinity.

The premises are currently being adapted to meet the requirements and demands of STIHL Tirol. The new office in the state capital does not impress thanks to its location alone; the facility also incorporates new criteria and approaches based on the New Work concept. This means: bright and open rooms with flexible workstations that promote independent working while also facilitating communication and exchange. There are also plenty of places staff can retreat to when working on tasks that require maximum concentration, as well as sufficient space for relaxing breaks and exchanges between colleagues.

Managing director Jan Grigor Schubert states: “Our goal is to continue to grow over the next few years and in order to achieve this goal, we need suitably qualified specialist staff. I therefore see it as our task to remain attractive as an employer, both for existing and future employees, and to retain our appeal by incorporating new job models. This is the only way we can start a successful future together.”