Langkampfen, 23.03.2016

VIKING produces more products for STIHL and VIKING battery-powered products

The Tyrol-based gardening power tool manufacturer VIKING has for some years now produced battery-powered machines for its German parent company STIHL. Development in the field of battery technology is advancing at a rapid pace in many areas. The demand and the importance of battery-powered machine production have therefore also increased significantly for VIKING in recent times.

In addition to VIKING battery-powered lawn mowers, numerous other battery-powered machines for the STIHL brand are produced in Langkampfen. These include motorised saws, hedge trimmers and cutters, brushcutters, clearing saws, blower units, vacuum shredders, pole pruners, angle grinders and olive harvesters. Some of these machines are also available as electric versions. The speciality of using batteries in VIKING and STIHL products is that the same energy-efficient and virtually wear-free lithium-ion battery fits all battery-powered products of both brands. The customer purchases one battery and can use it in several different machines if he wishes.

The innovative and environmentally friendly offerings also bring an advantage for the production. The numerous STIHL models produced in Langkampfen have very different applications depending on the season and therefore provide for more consistent capacity utilisation of the plant and ensure jobs in the long term. Battery production at VIKING now has a high strategic importance. VIKING Managing Director Peter Pretzsch explains: "For VIKING, this development is an indication of the high degree of confidence that parent company STIHL has in our employees as well as a validation and reinforcement of the Tyrol location."

VIKING GmbH, based in Langkampfen, produces and sells lawn mowers, robotic mowers, ride-on mowers, scarifiers, garden shredders and tillers. VIKING is a member of the STIHL Group and achieved a turnover of €179.3 million in 2014 with 350 employees. Sales partners are service-providing specialist dealers.


VIKING production battery chainsaw
In addition to battery-powered lawn mowers, numerous STIHL brand products are produced at VIKING.

One battery many machines VIKING STIHL
One battery – many machines. Here, a battery is changed from a STIHL motorised saw to a VIKING lawn mower.

(Photos: VIKING, printing free of charge)

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