Langkampfen, 18.04.2013

VIKING supports "Schule in Bewegung" (School in Motion) initiative

Langkampfen-based gardening power tool manufacturer VIKING is actively involved in the area of school sponsorship. It therefore came as no great surprise when the company responded to a request from the Neue Mittelschule (lower secondary school) in Langkampfen to assist with the procurement of some special sports equipment. The so-called "racers" are special sports appliances that cater to the child's need for movement as well as promoting their co-ordination. In keeping with the motto "School in Motion" these are not only for the pupils' use in their sports lessons, but also during breaks and remedial lessons.

Fig. 1: "Schule in Bewegung" was a motto that immediately appealed to VIKING. VIKING Sales and Marketing Manager, Wolfgang Simmer, was able to present the new special appliances, (this time for sporting and not gardening purposes) to the Head of the Neue Mittelschule Langkampfen, Anita Marksteiner. The pupils were clearly delighted and immediately sped off to drive a few laps around the gym.

Fig. 2: It was all go recently at the gym of the Neue Mittelschule Langkampfen at the presentation of the new sports equipment! VIKING Sales and Marketing Manager Wolfgang Simmer (far right), School Head Anita Marksteiner (2nd from right), as well as sports teacher Bruno Mosbacher (far left) and Petra Bechtiger (3rd from left) with a large group of pupils.

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