Langkampfen, 14.02.2008

VIKING MB 545 VR lawn mower

How to get those famous stripes on your lawn

The English are famous for taking lawn care to the extremes. A beautifully mown, perfectly green striped pattern is the hallmark of the quintessential English lawn. They add sophistication to a well-cared for lawn. With the VIKING MB 545 VR, discerning amateur gardeners can also achieve their dream of having an English stripe pattern in their own garden.

The distinguished stripe pattern in the style of British country parks gives the lawn a particularly sophisticated appearance. However, the alternating design featuring lighter and darker stripes of lawn is just child's play for the VIKING MB 545 VR lawn mower. The secret is that on the rear axle of this 5 Series mower, VIKING has installed a lawn roller instead of the two wheels. The machine is driven by a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine. When mowing, the rear roller smoothes the blades of grass in the direction of travel, "ironing" the characteristic stripe pattern into the freshly-mown lawn. The roller also permits accurate mowing of lawn edges along paths or around plants. All the gardener has to do to ensure a beautiful appearance is to mow in accurate strips.

As is the case with all VIKING lawn mowers, every detail of the MB 545 VR is well-designed and technologically sophisticated. For example, the VIKING engineers have chosen a two-part lawn roller. Differential systems are located on the outer sides. This ensures that the two roller sections can move independently of one another, at different speeds. Mowing round bends and turning movements are therefore much simpler and prevent damage to the lawn. The drive chain ensures excellent power transmission. An additional equipment feature of the MB 545 VR is its Vario drive, which makes the drive speed of the mower infinitely variable. The ReadyStart system (easy-start) ensures energy-saving starting.

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