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Starting with the wow factor

New: VIKING MB 545 VE lawn mower

Before mowing, you first have to start your machine. This is a real delight with the MB 545 VE, because this petrol model from VIKING's 5 Series leaps into life at the push of a button thanks to state-of-the art electronic technology. Long-life lithium ion batteries ensure problem-free starting, time and time again. With a cutting width of 43 cm, this mower can handle medium-sized lawns up to approximately 1,200 square metres.

Starting has never been so smart: the engine kicks in immediately. This new technology means that there is nothing to stop you. Each start is effortless and reliable – every time. If the engine does cut out during mowing, it just takes a push of the button to get going again.

The drive and start electronics are perfectly matched to one another, ensuring that the engine runs smoothly and quietly from the word go. A fully charged battery provides sufficient power for around 50 starts. To charge the battery, simply remove it from the device holder and place it in the charging station. The quick charge function means that the long-life lithium ion battery will have sufficient power to start the mower several times after only ten minutes.

Tried-and-tested VIKING technology and great performance
The MB 545 VE shares further advantages with the other 5 Series models. These include the light, robust mower housing made from a high-strength polymer and numerous convenient elements such as the 3-setting height-adjustable handlebar and the 7-setting central cutting height adjustment.

The Vario drive on this model also makes work easier and more convenient. You would like the mower to progress more slowly? No problem. Simply push the control lever on the handlebar downwards until the required speed is reached. With the infinitely variable wheel drive, you can adapt your driving style to the terrain and to the height of the grass. Mowing on slopes and inclines is also made much easier. Moreover, the engine is mounted on special anti-vibration elements to ensure greater comfort during the work.

Great performance also means an attractive cutting pattern. This is the responsibility of the VIKING highlift blades. They create a strong air current, which lifts the grass, ensuring that it is cut accurately. Even slightly wet or thick grass poses no problem. The 60-litre grass catcher box offers plenty of room for clippings.

The mower does not take long to clean after work. Grass residues left in the housing can be removed with ease in the cleaning position when the mower is tilted backward. When the handlebar is folded down, the mower packs away tidily. A sturdy carrying handle at the front allows you to carry the mower without straining your back. This makes it easy to load the mower onto trailers, etc.
The retrofittable mulching kit transforms the MB 545 VE into a mulching mower. The finely shredded clippings are distributed into the turf, where they decompose, providing a natural fertiliser.

Technical specifications

Model MB 545 VE
Lawn area up to approx. 1,200 m²
Cutting width 43 cm
Cutting height 25 - 80 mm
Engine type B&S Series 675 Exi OHV
Nominal output
at working speed
2.6 kW / 3.5 HP
2,800 rpm
Drive Vario
Cutting height adjustment 7 settings (central)
Grass catcher box 60 l
Machine weight 35 kg

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