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Smart networking

New: The VIKING robotic mowers with iMow app

VIKING now offers a smartphone and tablet app for the multi-prize-winning iMow robotic mower series. This cleverly networks the mower with a mobile phone. The app also enables the mower to be operated with great ease and comfort. If the user wishes to send the machine out to mow or interrupt a running mowing operation, he merely needs to pull out his mobile phone. This gives garden users even greater flexibility and freedom. The iMow app is the perfect complement to the new C models of the MI 6 Series for a relaxed, mobile lifestyle. The entertainment functions also mean that the fun factor is never too far away.

With a number of prestigious international design prizes and a "best of the best" rating from the "red dot design award" experts, VIKING robotic mowers have already attracted a great deal of positive attention. A mobile app is now available for the two new iMow models MI 632 C (up to 3,000 m² lawns) and MI 632 PC (up to 4,000 m² lawns). With these, VIKING turns lawn mowing into a smart business. The app provides smartphone and tablet users with a direct link to their robotic mower whenever they want and wherever they may be. This highly user-friendly application is also an extremely easy way to control the robotic mower. Lawn care can thus be integrated into day-to-day activities with no extra effort and without time constraints. Numerous useful functions and entertainment elements also make the application a special experience. The app is available in 25 languages and for the android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

New functions
The terms speed and flexibility gain completely new significance with the app. For example, if friends call you at the office in the afternoon to suggest a spontaneous barbeque after work. It just takes a moment on your smartphone or tablet to set the iMow in motion, ensuring that your lawn is beautifully tended when you get home.

The "C" in both iMow models stands for "Communication" and the name says it all: a GPS module in the mower ensures that the app user always knows his iMow's whereabouts. This means, for example, that he can direct the machine to spend a targeted amount of time in the areas that are in particular need of attention.

As with a home computer, the app allows multiple user accounts to be created so that all members of the family can operate the iMow. Friends and neighbours can be given access for a limited time, allowing them to try out the convenience and fun features.

Safety and security are key: the iMow app provides feedback if the machine gets stuck on a stone, for example, if the blade needs to be replaced, or servicing is required. A quick phone call to the VIKING dealer is then often enough to put things right. If a thief decides to make off with the iMow, the machine will even report back to its owner by text message. The current location of the robotic mower can also be displayed using GPS tracking.

Entertainment functions for technology freaks
The iMow app also has a few surprises in store under the Showtime menu item. The user can, for example, obtain up-to-date information on the performance and distance travelled by his robotic mower. The results can be impressive. For example, the app might tell you that the hard-working robot has just covered 8,850 kilometres on the lawn– equivalent to the height of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. A compelling graphic with interesting information is also included, and lots more. After all, an app should not only be useful but also fun.

Hardly surprising, therefore, that an iMow from the MI 6 C series soon becomes a trusted companion. The app even allows you to give the hard-working robot a name – after all, it's virtually part of the family.

Technical specifications

Model MI 632 C MI 632 PC
Ideal lawn size 1,000 m² 2,000 m²
Maximum possible lawn size up to approx. 3,000 m² up to approx. 4,000 m²
Battery power 130 Wh 194 Wh
Battery type STIHL li-ion battery, 29 V STIHL li-ion battery, 29 V
Battery capacity 4.5 Ah 6.8 Ah
Cutting system Mulch mowing system Mulch mowing system
Cutting width 28 cm 28 cm
Cutting height 20-60 mm 20-60 mm
Weight (excl.battery) 12 kg 12 kg

iProtect canopy top, cleaning kit, traction wheels, additional perimeter wire, additional docking station.

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