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The new VIKING electric shredders

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The new VIKING GE 135 L and GE 140 L electric garden shredders are especially quiet, and cannot fail to impress with their attractive price/performance ratio, comfortable operation and attractive, functional product design.

With its new electric shredders, VIKING is offering two models that are not just pleasingly quiet and smooth running, but also extremely efficient. The VIKING GE 135 L shreds branches with a diameter of up to 35 mm and the VIKING GE 140 L can cope with even thicker branches up to 40 mm thick. Both machines work with a blade roller, which crushes the organic matter and turns it into fibrous pieces instead of shredding it in the traditional manner. This technology significantly reduces the noise level. And that's not the only advantage of this method. The shredded plant pieces compost much faster, as in this form the micro-organisms can break them down more easily. In this way, the shredded material is turned into valuable fertiliser in a relatively short time and can be returned to the natural cycle in the garden.

Safe and easy operation
Quiet, controlled and without kickback, the material is automatically drawn into the feed chute of the electric shredder. The cloverleaf opening specially developed by VIKING enables even branches with side shoots and twigs to be fed safely into the shredder. If branches enter cross-wise and block the roller, there is a reverse gear that the intelligent electronic control module of the GE 140 L model engages automatically. The roller slowly pushes the material back in the opposite direction, freeing it. This process is also automatic in the GE 140 L. Gardening becomes flexible thanks to the easy-running wheels, which allow you to roll the shredder all over the garden. This means you can transport the machine more easily up and down steps and to its storage place.

The shredders are equipped with an integrated, transparent 60-litre container, which reliably collects the shredded material. This ensures you can carry the shredded material easily and cleanly to the compost heap or other storage place. You no longer need to rake everything up. For safety reasons, the machines only work when the container is locked securely in place. As a practical equipment extra, the attachment with feed chute and motor unit can be lowered into the transparent container on the GE 140 L, making the shredder extremely compact for space-saving storage. This solution demonstrates the perfect combination of VIKING functionality and attractive design.

Technical specifications

Model GE 135 L GE 140 L
Rated voltage 230 V 230 V
Power 2,300 watts 2,500 watts
Speed 40 rpm 40 rpm
Branch thickness, max. 35 mm 40 mm
Housing Polymer/metal Polymer/metal
Weight 23 kg 23 kg

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