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The new lightness

New: VIKING MB 448 VC lawn mower

The new VIKING MB 448 VC from the 4 Series combines easy handling and the latest technology with fun and makes light work of mowing. Special features include, for example, the infinitely variable Vario gearbox, easy start system and an ergonomic mono handlebar. With a cutting width of 46 cm, this petrol mower can effortlessly handle lawns measuring up to around 1,200 square metres.

Intelligent technology is a wonderful thing, but only if it makes life easier and is fun to use. This is certainly the case with the new VIKING MB 448 VC petrol mower for small and medium-sized lawns. It is ideal for anyone who sees mowing the lawn as a relaxing pastime.

Easy operation in every situation
With its focus on comfort, modern life demands technologies that take the strain out of routine activities, leaving more room for creativity and the nice things in life. Technology fits in seamlessly with everyday life, promising enjoyment and new opportunities for self-expression – in both work and leisure. After all, working in the garden should be easy as well as fun.

This is precisely where the MB 448 VC comes in. The ReadyStart system means that the engine always starts with ease. Once you have used this mower, you will never want to let it go. Thanks to its low centre of gravity, it stays reliably and firmly on track, while the manoeuvrable chassis responds promptly. With its infinitely variable Vario gearbox, powerful engine and excellent tyre grip, the MB 448 VC displays endurance and bite on slopes. The engine is mounted on special anti-vibration elements that absorb a great deal of the handlebar vibrations.

For greater ease of handling, a mono handlebar made from robust and durable aluminium is also available. This was designed for easy emptying of the grass catcher box. The large capacity 55-litre box can be removed directly using the large handles. The mono handlebar and pull out starter cable can also be adjusted to the user's height with ease. The smooth, central 6-setting cutting height adjustment is also extremely convenient.

Great performance and useful accessories
The special highlift blades developed by VIKING provides an attractive cutting pattern. These create a strong air current, which lifts the grass, ensuring that it is cut accurately.

The mower can quickly be cleaned after work. The mowing deck is made from high gloss plastic that leaves little opportunity for the adherence of dirt. Grass residue left in the housing can be removed with ease in the cleaning position. Simply tilt the mower backwards and it is placed in a stable position. The handlebar can be folded down for compact storage. The handles at the front and rear of the housing allow the lawn mower to be carried safely without straining your back.

With the mulching kit available as an accessory, the MB 448 VC mower can be converted into a mulching mower in a few simple manual actions. Remove the grass catcher box and install the mulching key and mulching blade. Now, the clippings are finely shredded in the mowing deck. The mower then distributes them evenly onto the lawn, where they remain and decompose. This provides the soil with valuable fertiliser.

Overall, the MB 448 VC has many convincing features that offer greater comfort in gardening tasks.

Technical specifications

Model MB 448 VC
Lawn area up to approx. 1,200 m²
Cutting width 46 cm
Cutting height 25 – 75 mm
Engine type Series 625 E OHV RS
Nominal output at working speed 2.2 kW / 3.0 HP
2,800 rpm
Drive Vario
Handlebar Mono-comfort handlebar
Cutting height adjustment 6 settings (central)
Grass catcher box 55 l
Machine weight 28 kg

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