Langkampfen, 23.10.2012

Robust growth continues at VIKING

After only 13 months of building work, 'Construction Phase III' has been completed at gardening power tool manufacturer VIKING's location in Langkampfen. The  building was officially inaugurated on 19 October 2012. New assembly stations, a new production warehouse, workshops for prototype and equipment construction, premises for further apprenticeship training activities as well as office space have been created on an additional useable floorspace of 16,600 square metres.

The investment volume was 13.7 million euros, which the largest single investment in VIKING's company history. With this project, VIKING and its parent company STIHL are again making a clear declaration of confidence in the Tyrolean location. The extension of the VIKING plant will progressively be accompanied by an increase in staffing levels in line with the company's further development.

In 2001, the gardening power tool manufacturer moved from its original location in Kufstein to Langkampfen, where the last large extension took place five years ago. The official inauguration was presided over by VIKING Managing Director Peter Pretzsch, VIKING Construction Project Manager and authorised representative, Josef Koller, as well as representatives from the German parent company STIHL – Chairman of the Advisory Board Nikolas Stihl and Chairman of the Board Bertram Kandziora.

The three major factors in any construction project also provided reasons for celebration, as VIKING Managing Director Peter Pretzsch outlined: "Fortunately, the deadline, cost and quality targets were all fully met during this major project. Here, I would like to make special mention of the smooth and cooperative partnership with the general contractor, Rieder, as well as the public authorities involved."

Project Manager Koller also thanked the further external participants in the project: "The majority of partner companies are based locally, meaning that a great deal of the added value remained in the region."

VIKING is strongly committed to innovation and targeted capital investments in research and development. For the 2013 gardening season, a host of innovative gardening power tools will be presented. VIKING responds to the requirements of the market with continuous improvements and modifications to its product range.

VIKING GmbH produces and sells lawn mowers, robotic mowers, ride-on mowers, scarifiers, garden shredders and tillers. Furthermore, the entire battery-powered product range for the STIHL Group is assembled at VIKING. With 297 employees, VIKING achieved a turnover of 133.6 million euros in 2011. Sales partners for the VIKING gardening power tools are exclusively service providing specialist dealers.

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