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Revitalising the lawn

NEW: VIKING LE 240 scarifier

With the VIKING LE 240, even small lawns of up to 500 m² can now be scarified or combed. The mains-operated machine offers VIKING brand quality and an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Spring cleaning, decluttering your home or undertaking a fast - everyone knows how liberating it feels to finally be able to take a deep breath and start again with renewed energy. Freeing yourself of things that weigh you down feels like a revitalisation. The same goes for lawns. Moss or lawn thatch that spreads within it can cut off the air the lawn needs to breath. The roots no longer get enough water and nutrients. Scarifying once or twice a year removes these unwanted intruders so that the lawn can regenerate itself. With the LE 240, VIKING now also offers a motorised scarifier for smaller lawns of up to approx. 500 m². It is light, easy to handle and mains-operated, and starts effortlessly at the push of a button. The scope of delivery includes an aerator roller for combing (this is what experts call aerating the lawn).

Getting rid of lawn thatch and moss
Lawn thatch is not just unpleasant to look at, it also poses a threat to lawn health in the long term. This is because the centimetre-thick layer of yellow, dead plant remains on the lawn prevents almost all water, air and fertiliser getting through to the ground. The grass roots stretch upwards instead of anchoring themselves deep in the ground. This causes problems for the lawn in dry conditions, and also affects its resilience. The LE 240 attacks the persistent lawn thatch with seven sharp double blades. It cuts up the organic material and the air current produced by the machine transports it directly into the large grass catcher box. This revitalises the lawn.

For lawns infested with moss, combing is the correct approach. For this, the scarifier roller is replaced with the aerator roller. Strong steel claws thoroughly brush through the lawn, pulling out any moss cushions as they go. This revitalises the lawn and encourages dense growth.

A true VIKING, through and through
The LE 240 offers the familiar VIKING brand quality in terms of material, comfort and safety. This includes the robust polymer housing and the comfortable handling system with foldable handlebar and practical carrying handle. The power cable attached to the switch-plug combination ensures safe working practices.

Technical specifications

Model LE 240
Lawn up to 500 m²
Working width 34 cm
Working depth range 13 mm, central
Grass catcher box Standard, 50 l
Nominal output/

nominal speed
1,500 W

4,100 rpm
Machine weight 15 kg

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