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Making light work of heavy soil

New VIKING tillers

VIKING has completely revised its range of tillers with new labour-saving machines offering even more comfortable handling and outstanding ergonomics. The new tillers deliver impressive power and performance, even in tough conditions.

Turning over the vegetable patch, sowing new crops, working compost into the soil and clearing harvested areas are some of the most strenuous jobs in the garden. VIKING tillers make light work of even the most challenging of tasks. The machines can loosen even heavy, compacted soil – producing finer, looser topsoil and making it easier for plants to put down roots.

The new models differ in terms of their power output and equipment. The compact, slimline HB 445 and HB 445 R tillers are ideal for smaller areas and for use between existing beds. For larger areas, the HB 560, HB 585 and HB 685 tillers offer powerful, robust Kohler engines and an extensive range of accessories. These powerful machines are a huge help when creating new gardens and beds or preparing seed beds in vegetable gardens.

Excellent solutions for labour-saving operation
Thanks to numerous technical detail solutions, the tillers are optimally adapted to the needs of users in terms of their ergonomics. These solutions include the centrally adjustable handlebar for back-friendly operation and the low centre of gravity of the machine for effortless handling. VIKING achieves this thanks to a symmetrical layout of the engine unit and blades. In combination with torsion-resistant materials, the machine can handle even the most challenging conditions with ease, such as turning heavy, loamy soil or working on stony ground. Anti-vibration elements between the handlebar and housing significantly reduce vibration in the grip area. The special spiral blades also contribute to smoother operation, as they penetrate the soil more smoothly.

All tillers (apart from the HB 445) also feature a reverse gear, which makes work much easier. It allows the machine to be backed up effortlessly, for example when turning and working around obstacles or going over boundary areas a second time.

VIKING has also come up with innovative and intelligent solutions for transport, cleaning and storage. For example, the wheels mounted at the rear of the tillers ensure mobility on any terrain. The wheels are simply folded up before using the tiller. The entire machine can be simply folded back at the handlebar when work is complete. The underside of the tiller and blade are easy to clean when in this stable position. The handlebar can be folded down rearwards for space-saving storage and transport.

Durability and safety
All materials have been selected with a view to durability. Machine components that are subjected to extreme forces, such as the brake spur, are mounted on the housing frame for added stability. This also applies to the connections for the accessories that can be used with the large tillers for tasks such as lifting or digging up potatoes and other crops. They also guarantee that the machine will still be functioning perfectly after many hours of operation.

Safety is a top priority for VIKING. This is evident in the control unit for forward and reverse gear, for example. A safety interlock prevents both levers from being operated simultaneously. The handles are also covered with rubber to ensure safe handling. Double-wall plastic impact protectors also provide protection for the user against thrown-up foreign objects.

Attractive accessory range
VIKING offers an extensive range of accessories, such as hoe extensions, impact protectors, ridgers, cast-iron wheels, additional weights and additional protection for the gearbox housing, thus allowing the tillers to be used for a whole host of functions. Conversion is performed with just a few manual actions.

Model HB 445 HB 445 R
Engine type B&S 450 Series E OHV B&S 450 Series E OHV
Nominal output at working speed 1.7 kW/2.3 HP
3,100 rpm
1.7 kW/2.3 HP
3,100 rpm
Standard working width 45 cm 45 cm
Drive 1 forward gear 1 forward gear +
1 reverse gear
Hoe set diameter 30 cm 30 cm
Weight 36 kg 37 kg

Model HB 560 HB 585HB 685
Engine type Kohler
Nominal output at working speed 2.3 kW/3.2 HP
3,000 rpm
2.3 kW/3.2 HP
3,000 rpm
2.9 kW/3.9 HP
3,200 rpm
Standard working width 60 cm 85 cm85 cm
Drive 1 forward gear +
1 reverse gear
1 forward gear +
1 reverse gear
1 forward gear +
1 reverse gear
Hoe set diameter 32 cm 32 cm32 cm
Weight 41 kg 44 kg46 kg

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