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VIKING MR 4082 and MR 4082 K ride-on mowers

With its internally-developed MR 4082 and MR 4082 K models, VIKING has added two manoeuvrable machines to its ride-on mower range. Numerous ingenious ergonomic details provide for pleasant, relaxed working. The ride-on mowers with a cutting width of 80 centimetres are suitable for mowing lawns of up to approx. 4,000 square metres.
Those who love their lawn mow it regularly. With the new VIKING ride-on mowers, this has now become an extremely comfortable task. Thanks to their compact design and a small turning radius of 70 centimetres, the ride-on mowers can negotiate lawns with trees, shrubs, beds and obstacles with ease. Typical for ride-on mowers is the rear-mounted engine. This ensures an optimum view for the gardener at all times. The MR 4082 and MR 4082 K models differ with regard to their drives. The MR 4082 is driven by a Briggs & Stratton engine. The MR 4082 K comfort model is equipped with an economical, smooth-running 2-cylinder Kawasaki engine.
Comfort and function hand in hand
In terms of user comfort, the two machines are on a par. The low frame permits effortless, joint-sparing mounting and dismounting while also providing ample legroom when seated. No tools are required for seat adjustment. It is as simple as in a car. Simply reach under the seat, pull on the lever and slide forward or backwards on the seat. The seat height is automatically adjusted at the same time.
The steering wheel can be held securely, all the controls are arranged in a clearly laid out control panel. In order to drive forwards, the gardener pushes the selector lever on the steering wheel forwards and presses the pedal as in a car. Reversing is equally simple. The lever is moved in the opposite direction. This system, specific to VIKING, is intuitive to use and provides added safety and comfort for the user. The right foot remains in the same position during all manoeuvres. Thanks the continuously-variable hydraulic gearbox, the driving speed can be controlled extremely smoothly. Sophisticated engineering also makes activation of the mowing deck extremely simple. The electromagnetic blade clutch sets the blade in motion at the push of a button. The lever for cutting height adjustment is conveniently located close at hand, immediately next to the seat.
Efficient and clean working
During use on the lawn, the ride-on mowers impress with their performance. The robust steel mowing deck cuts the grass cleanly over the entire cutting width of 80 centimetres. This is achieved by means of a special grass guide, which catches the blades of grass right up to its edges and draws them into the mowing deck. The result are neatly trimmed lawn edges. The grass catcher box has a capacity of 250 litres, rendering frequent emptying unnecessary. A level indicator emits an audible signal when the grass catcher box requires emptying. Depending on the density, dampness and cutting height of the grass, the gardener can individually determine the signal threshold for the beep. This ensures that the volume of the grass catcher box is always utilised effectively. Efficient, sustained working is also promoted by means of the large fuel tank with a capacity of 6.5 litres. With the tank display, the gardener has an indication of the fuel level at all times.
The user does not need to dismount in order to empty the grass catcher box. He can simply pull the long, ergonomically-positioned lever and the box immediately tips upwards. Thanks to the excavator-shovel-like shape and smooth floor of the box, the grass clippings fall out on their own accord.
Robust materials, qualified customer service
The VIKING premium quality standard has been applied to all aspects of workmanship and material selection. A robust frame and high-grade plastic parts guarantee a long service life. Efficient propulsion of the ride-on mower is ensured by the large rubber tyres, which are designed to protect the lawn. Particular value has been placed on a strong, functional front bumper. Upon contact with solid obstacles, it absorbs the impact energy in order to protect the machine.
A comprehensive introduction as well as friendly and qualified service are a matter of course with VIKING. All specialist dealers have been specially trained and are familiar with all maintenance operations on the machine. Good service also includes the fact that all spare parts will be available for at least ten years. That guarantees a long service life.
Upgrading with the accessories range
An extensive range of accessories is available for versatile use of the ride on mower. VIKING factory-equips the machines with a firmly mounted, integrated trailer coupling. This allows a tilting trailer, for example, to be securely attached. This is a useful aid for transporting working materials, tools or garden waste. Without a draw bar, it can also be used as a wheel barrow. The water-fillable garden roller is useful both when laying a new lawn and for the care of existing lawns. With the mulching kit, the ride-on mower can be converted into a mulching mower with a few simple manual actions. A fabric anti-dust protector, which fits over the grass catcher box, is available for work on dusty terrain. The deflector is a useful accessory for areas of undergrowth and high grass. It ejects the clippings to the rear. A battery float charger for the starter battery and a covering hood for the complete mower are available to ensure that the ride-on mower gets through the winter break in good condition.

Model MR 4082 MR 4082 K
Engine type Briggs & Stratton 3130 Series 13.5 HP Kawasaki FH 381V 13 HP
Cylinder 1 2
Cutting width 80 cm 80 cm
Grass catcher box 250 l 250 l
Cutting heights 35-90 mm 35-90 mm
Self-propulsion Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Blade clutch Electromagnetic Electromagnetic
Front wheels, diameter 13x5.00-6 13x5.00-6
Rear wheels, diameter 16x6.50-8 16x6.50-8
Weight 198 kg 204 kg
Driving speed Forward: 0-9.9 km/h Reverse: 0-4.6 km/h Forward: 0-9.9 km/h Reverse: 0-4.6 km/h
Box emptying Mechanical Mechanical

Tilting trailer PICK UP 300, battery float charger ACB 010, lawn roller AGW 098, anti-dust protector ASP 25, mulching kit AMK 082, storage cover AAH 200, deflector ADF 400.

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