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VIKING ME 339 and ME 339 C premium electric lawn mowers

Whether large or small, all well-cared for lawns require regular cutting. The two premium electric lawn mowers are the ideal partners for gardens with a power supply. These versatile featherweights are effortless to manoeuvre, simple to operate and extremely comfortable to transport.
The machines are of an identical design except for two details. The ME 339 C features an innovative mono handlebar and runs on double ball-beared wheels. Thanks to this special handlebar design, the gardener has absolutely free access to the grass catcher box. This makes use even more comfortable. The handlebar height can be infinitely adjusted from 92 to 111 centimetres via handy quick-release elements. A sturdy die-cast aluminium console on the housing provides the mono handlebar with a high level of stability and ensures even force application.
Designed for pleasant working
All other equipment features are identical. The clearly laid out control panel design combines ergonomics with functionality. For simple, exertion-free operation, the motorstop lever is located directly on the handlebar. Its shape is perfectly integrated in the loop handle, preventing any pinching. The gardener can change hand positions at any time while working. The central, spring-loaded, cutting height adjustment with 5 selectable settings can be set with a single action. The housing made from high-grade, robust polymer and the integrated skirting protectors ensure that the mower continues to look good even after extensive use.
Cutting edge
During mowing, the special highlift blades produce a powerful air current. This air current lifts the grass, which is cut cleanly by the blades, resulting in an attractive cutting pattern, even under difficult conditions such as damp grass. The air current also ensures that the grass catcher box is efficiently filled with grass clippings. These are quickly conveyed inside via the grass catcher box guide, ensuring that the 40-litre volume is utilised to the full. A visual level indicator shows precisely when the grass catcher box is full. The grass catcher box can be easily emptied thanks to the large carrying handle and a practical hinged cover. The clippings can also be ejected in the case of high grass. A deflector protects the gardener from thrown-up foreign objects.
Those wishing to mulch their grass clippings, can convert the mowing deck quickly and easily using the mulching kit available from the accessory range, which comprises a multi-blade and mulching key. The patented blades cut the grass at different heights in stages and shred it in the housing, providing fine clippings. These clippings are deposited on the turf as a valuable natural fertilizer. This saves time and money.
Covered cable guide
For enduring power, the electric lawn mowers are equipped with a robust universal motor. A reduction gear ensures a high torque for more power. To protect the motor, the mower is equipped with a thermal overload protection. This switches it off automatically in the event of overheating. Special care was taken when designing the cable routing on the mower. All wires run on the underside of or inside the handlebar. At the housing, they are located underneath the cover. This keeps the wiring out of the way in order to prevent any bothersome snagging when mowing around bushes or other obstacles.
Space saving: A mower makes itself small
Once the work is done, grass and soil residues can be quickly removed from the mowing deck. The mower must be brought into the cleaning position for this purpose: Remove the grass catcher box, fold down the handlebar and tilt the machine to the rear. The machine is then in a stable position and the mowing deck is easily accessible.
The foldable handlebar, the light weight and the compact design make transporting the mower extremely comfortable. It can be lifted and carried effortlessly by the two large carrying handles on the housing. With its compact dimensions (without the grass catcher box) it requires only as much space as two crates of water in a car luggage compartment and can easily be stored in even the smallest garden shed or cellar.

Model ME 339 ME 339 C
Motor type Electric 1200 W Electric 1200 W
Start/stop ES / MS ES / MS
Cutting width 37 cm 37 cm
Cutting height 25 – 70 mm 25 – 70 mm
Central cutting height adjustment 5 settings 5 settings
Housing material Polymer Polymer
Function Rear collection Rear collection
Wheels (front/rear) Plastic wheels, slide bearings 150 / 180 mm Plastic wheels, double ball bearings 150 / 180 mm
Grass catcher box 40 l 40 l
Net weight 13 kg 14 kg
Dimensions (L/W/H) 128 x 42 x 112 cm 128 x 42 x 112 cm

Key: ES = electric start, MS = motorstop.
Accessories: Mulching kit 339

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