Langkampfen, 18.10.2011

New: VIKING MB 2 RC mulching mower

Manoeuvrable, powerful mulching mower

With the VIKING MB 2 RC, the premium gardening power tool manufacturer has added a manoeuvrable special mower to its product range. This mows and mulches the lawn with a cutting width of 46 centimetres, features an extremely compact design and is the right choice for lawns of up to approx. 1,500 square metres. And there is no need to dispose of the lawn clippings when mulching.

Mulching is good for the lawn, as the shredded clippings are deposited in the turf and return nutrients to the ground. For this task, the MB 2 RC features a specially-shaped mulching blade. The sharp blades are arranged at different heights and shred the grass particularly finely.

The soft grip on the handlebar ensures pleasant working. When negotiating trees, bushes or beds, the lawn mower demonstrates additional strengths through its manoeuvrability. The powerful lawn mower is driven by a high-torque petrol engine.
Four-setting cutting height adjustment on each axle is quickly set with two manual actions. A Briggs & Stratton engine provides for easy and effortless starting.

Cleaning is also convenient and easy. With a few simple manual actions, the lawn mower is moved into the vertical position. Dirt or clipping residues can then be easily removed from the housing. The foldable handlebar enables easy transport and space-saving storage.

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