Langkampfen, 23.12.2012

New: VIKING HB 685 Tiller

More power for soil cultivation

The new VIKING HB 685 tiller, with an impressive engine power of 2.9 kW, makes the soil cultivation of large areas and difficult terrain even easier. It enables fast progress and excellent comfort through numerous proven equipment features. The hoe set with curved blades and an anti-vibration system ensure effortless working – even for longer periods.

Large areas with compacted or heavy soil – this is the terrain that the new HB 685 tiller is designed for. The powerful Kohler Courage XT-8 engine delivers a power output of 2.9 kW and a working speed of 3,200 rpm. This represents a huge leap in power compared to the VIKING tillers introduced in the past. The tiller thereby also meets the requirements of horticulture and nurseries.

Customary high working comfort
In application, the HB 685 impresses with its high operating comfort. The blades penetrate the soil in a cutting rather than a chopping action. The machine can consequently be guided smoothly and with little vibration. This is partly achieved by anti-vibration elements located between the handlebar and gearbox housing, which dampen the engine vibrations. The tiller is particlarly manoeuvrable thanks to its self-propulsion with one forward and one reverse gear. Its large working width of 85 centimetres enables the cultivation of extensive areas in a short time. As with all VIKING tillers, the hoe set is dividable: in particularly confined spaces, the working width can be reduced to 60 centimetres thanks to this feature. In order to prevent damage to plants in tight areas, the hoe set is also equipped with side protection discs. The centre of gravity of the tiller is particularly low and its weight distribution is well balanced. In difficult terrain, weights (available from the extensive range of accessories) can also be attached in order to lend the tiller even greater traction. A robust gearbox housing made from aluminium, worm shaft in hardened steel and worm gear made from bronze alloy also ensure a long service life.

As with the other tillers in the VIKING range, the handlebar of the HB 685 is height and side-adjustable. By means of three settings, the user can easily adapt the machine to his height in order to adopt a working position that prevents back strain. Moreover, by turning the handlebar to the right or left, the user does not have to step on the freshly cultivated soil. The tiller stays on track as it powers ahead. The complete handlebar can simply be folded down for transport and storage of the compact machine. The tiller can then be pushed conveniently to the area to be worked or the storage location by means of the transport wheels mounted at the rear of the machine.

Long service life and extensive range of accessories
Tillers are generally subjected to high loads. The materials used for VIKING tillers are particularly low wear and low maintenance. The robust HB 685 tiller consequently facilitates the user's work long-term. VIKING offers a range of accessories for a wide variety of tiller applications. The ridger with cast-iron wheels enables use on ridged beds such as in potato cultivation. For working on difficult terrain, additional weights of 2 x 9 kilograms are available from VIKING. The snorkel system ensures that the engine continues to be supplied with sufficient clean air under dusty working conditions.    


Model HB 685
Engine Kohler Courage XT-8 OHV SC
Standard working width 85 cm
Optional working width 60 cm
Handlebar height adjustment 3 settings
Self-propulsion 1 forward gear, 1 reverse gear
Hoe set diameter 32 cm
Gearbox Bealt gearbox / worm gear unit
Weight 49 kg
Accessories Ridger with cast-iron wheels, additional weights of 9 kg each, snorkel system

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