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VIKING HB 445 and HB 445 R tillers - tilling made easy

With the internally-developed HB 445 and HB 445 R, VIKING presents two powerful and robust tillers. The standard working width of 45 centimetres is ideally suitable for use in vegetable gardens and small planted areas. Ergonomically sophisticated, the new tillers provide for energy-saving, efficient working.
Why waste effort digging over by hand when there is a much easier way? The new VIKING HB 445 and HB 445 R tillers loosen and aerate even compacted soils. Hard clods are reduced to a finely crumbled structure so that moisture can penetrate the soil. The tillers also greatly facilitate working in the laying of new beds, clearing harvested vegetable patches, weeding and working in plant trimmings, so that the organic material can decompose in the soil.
The machines are of an identical design except for one detail. In addition to the forward gear, the HB 445 R also has a reverse gear. This comfort feature proves its worth during turning manoeuvres in confined areas.
With a standard width of 45 centimetres, the tillers are ideally suitable for use in confined planted areas, for example in vegetable patches. If required, the working width can be reduced to 25 centimetres or increased to 60 centimetres – and all with just a few manual actions.
Ergonomics = comfort for the gardener
All other equipment features are oriented towards simple and easy working. The height and side-adjustable handlebar can be easily adapted to the individual body size with a single manual action. The adjustable brake spur with three settings provides for precise control and is easily accessible in the operating area. Thanks to their special geometry, the blades penetrate the soil powerfully, but with a cutting rather than a chopping action. This results in the tillers running more smoothly and with less vibration. Anti-vibration elements between the gearbox housing and handlebar additionally reduce the transmission of vibration to the handlebar perceptibly. The user can thus work longer without fatigue. The low centre of gravity of the machine also contributes to this. The tillers are very well-balanced and this, combined with their compact design, makes them easy to operate on difficult terrain. A smooth-running Briggs and Stratton 450 Series engine with enduring performance supports the gardener during tilling.
Durable, safe and robust
During development of the machines, the VIKING engineers placed particular importance on two aspects. The tillers had to be low wear and low maintenance. They fulfilled these requirements by using materials which are resilient under harsh conditions. The gearbox housing is made from aluminium, the worm shaft hardened steel and the worm gear is a bronze alloy. Machine components that are subjected to extreme forces, such as the mountings of the brake spur, chassis and accessories to the gearbox housing, were constructed for particular stability.
Both tillers bear the GS label. The officially-regulated mark of approval certifies that a product complies with the requirements of machine and product safety legislation. In order to protect the user against foreign objects, the robust housing has been equipped with a sturdy cover and double-walled, polymer impact protectors, for example. To prevent operating errors, VIKING has provided the control lever for forward and reverse gear with an automatic safety interlock. If the gardener selects forward gear, reverse gear is blocked and vice versa. In order that the user always has the machine under control, the handlebar grips are covered with non-slip rubber. All this provides for safe working.
VIKING has mounted two wheels at the rear of the tiller to enable convenient and energy-saving transport to and from the working location. The user simply needs to tilt the machine backwards slightly using the handlebar, so that the blades are no longer in contact with the soil. The wheel design also proves its worth in the cleaning position. For this purpose, the tiller is tilted fully to the rear and brought into the vertical position. The handle strip on the housing facilitates handling. The tiller is now in a stable position and the hoe set is at an agreeable working height. Soil and plant residues can be quickly and conveniently removed. Practical: the handlebar can be folded for space-saving storage.
Upgrading with the accessories range
A range of accessories is available from VIKING for versatile tiller applications. On the HB 445 and HB 445 R, the hoe set can be extended to an overall width of 60 centimetres. Additional impact protectors provide for safety when working. Conversion is performed with just a few manual actions. For working on difficult terrain, additional weights of 2x 6 kilograms are available from VIKING.

Technical specifications

Model HB 445 HB 445 R
Engine B&S 450 Series B&S 450 Series
Standard working width 45 cm 45 cm
Optional working width 25 cm / 60 cm 25 cm / 60 cm
Handlebar height adjustment 3 settings 3 settings
Drive 1 forward gear 1 forward gear
1 reverse gear
Gearbox Belt gearbox/worm gear unit Belt gearbox/worm gear unit
Hoe set diameter 30 cm 30 cm
Weight 40 kg 41 kg

Accessories: Extension hoe set + additional impact protectors, additional weights of 6 kg each

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