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New: The VIKING 4 Series lawn mowers

Great comfort, reliable performance and an attractive cutting pattern

New: The VIKING 4 Series lawn mowers

With the 4 Series lawn mower generation, VIKING introduces extremely user-friendly mowers featuring innovative technology in the specialist retail market. On the lawn, the compact mowers impress with excellent cutting performance. To ensure that every gardener finds the right machine for their requirements, the VIKING range includes nine new models with three types of drive - electric, battery-powered and petrol. The premium mowers feature two different cutting widths (41 and 46 centimetres), power output, and equipment and drive type.     

Those who love their lawn mow it regularly. This enables the grass to grow as even and dense as a carpet. For medium-sized lawns up to approximately 1,200 square metres, the VIKING 4 Series mowers are the perfect partners. The machines are easy to operate, feature state-of-the-art technology and are ergonomically designed down to the last detail. Lawn mowing becomes a real pleasure.

The right model for every gardener: large model variety
Because every garden is different and every garden places different demands upon the lawn mower, VIKING offers a wide variety of models, including nine versions in the 4 Series. The range comprises two electric, two battery-powered and five petrol mowers. The electric and battery-powered mowers feature a cutting width of 41 centimetres and operate powerfully yet quietly. Benefits include their low weight and smooth, low-vibration running. Battery-powered mowers are ideal if no power socket is available and in gardens with lots of corners where a cable might get in the way. The sophisticated battery technology was developed by VIKING's parent company STIHL. Practical: The long-lasting battery also fits into numerous battery-powered STIHL machines such as chain saws, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers and blower units.

With the five petrol lawn mowers, the gardener can select between a cutting width of 41 or 46 centimetres and various power classes. Further differentiating features are the drive and engine. Under the hood of the petrol mowers, the latest, environmentally friendly Briggs & Stratton engines are installed. These are characterised by their fuel economy and low emissions, which are approximately 25% below the limit values prescribed in Europe. The engine mounting on special anti-vibration elements is a further benefit which can be clearly felt by the user.

For smooth, safe progress, all the 4 Series mowers are equipped with double ball-bearing wheels. The petrol models with self-propulsion also feature a high-grip traction tread pattern on the rear tyres. 

High lift blades for attractive cutting results
High lift blades provide for an attractive cutting pattern. The specially shaped blades produce a powerful air current during mowing, lifting the grass which is then cleanly cut by the blades.. Even wet or dense grass can be mown with great precision. The aerodynamic mower housing, made from torsion and impact resistant polymer and the high lift blades are optimally adapted to one another in form and function. The powerful air current carries the grass clippings reliably into the grass catcher box, filling it to a volume of 55 litres. An integrated level indicator shows precisely when the box is full. During mowing without the grass catcher box, the sturdy rear flap acts as a deflector. It is secured by means of a strong return spring and protects the user from ejected objects.

Great comfort ensures pleasant working
Safe working, a wide range of models, outstanding functionality and great comfort always go hand in hand with VIKING. This is demonstrated, for example, by the mono-comfort handlebar, a special equipment feature of the 4 Series. It is offered on three machines and is attached to the mowing deck by a single bar, enabling the user to access the grass catcher bag unimpeded. Detaching and attaching the box during emptying is therefore particularly effortless. The bar and console of the mono-comfort handlebar are made from lightweight but extremely resilient aluminium.

Among the petrol mowers, four models feature a forward gear, facilitating work on slopes. A "soft starter" ensures that the mower moves off slowly. Two of the models are equipped with the ReadyStart system for particularly easy starting. Just one pull on the starter rope and the engine starts.

The ergonomic highlights of all the 4 Series machines include the control panel design: All the control levers are easily accessible. The dual comfort handlebar of the petrol lawn mowers, which is covered in a soft material, is ergonomic to hold, as is the flat motorstop lever. In the case of the mono-comfort handlebars, the controls are located in recesses in the handlebar area. Comfort details such as these are particularly felt during lengthy periods of work. The central cutting height adjustment in six settings between 25 and 75 millimetres can be easily operated thanks to spring assistance. 

Once work is complete, the mono-comfort and dual handlebars can be folded together to save space. The quick-release caps make this simple and enable space-saving storage of the mower. A small but extremely useful detail is the carrying handles at the front and rear of the housing. These allow the machine to be lifted and carried in a safe and back-friendly manner. The transport handles are also useful for attaching straps, for example when securing the mower during transport. The cleaning position is also well thought out: Simply tilt the mower backwards. It is now in a stable position; dirt and grass residues can be removed with ease.
Multi-functional: mowing or mulching
With the mulching kit available as an accessory, the 4 Series lawn mowers can be converted into a multi-mower with a few simple manual actions: Remove the grass catcher box and install the mulching key and multi-blade. Now, the clippings are finely shredded in the mowing deck. The mower then distributes them onto the lawn, where they remain and decompose. This provides the soil with valuable nutrients.

Technical specifications

Model ME 443 ME 443 CMA 443MA 443 C
Cutting width 41 cm 41 cm41 cm41 cm
Power 1.500 watt 1.500
Cutting height, 6 settings 25 - 75 mm 25 - 75 mm25 - 75 mm25 - 75 mm
Grass catcher box 55 litres 55 litres55 litres55 litres
Mulching optional optionaloptionaloptional
Handlebar Dual handlebar Mono-comfort handlebarDual handlebarMono-comfort handlebar
Weight 21 kg 22 kg18 kg20 kg


ME = electric mower
MA = battery-powered mower
C = comfort

Technical specifications

Model MB 443 MB 443 TMB 448 TXMB 448 TMB 448 TC
Cutting width 41 cm 41 cm46 cm46 cm46 cm
Engine B&S 450 E Series OHV B&S 500 E Series OHVB&S 500 E Series OHVB&S 575 EX RS OHVB&S 575 EX RS OHV
Displacement 125 cm³ 140 cm³140 cm³140 cm³140 cm³
Nominal output at working speed 1.6 kW/2.2 HP 2,800 rpm 1.9 kW/2.6 HP 2,800 rpm1.9 kW/2.6 HP 2,800 rpm2.0 kW/2.7 HP 2,800 rpm2.0 kW/2.7 HP 2,800 rpm
Cutting height, 6 settings 25 - 75 mm 25 - 75 mm25 - 75 mm25 - 75 mm25 - 75 mm
Grass catcher box 55 litres 55 litres55 litres55 litres55 litres
Mulching optional optionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Self-propulsion - 1 F1 F1 F1 F
Handlebar Dual handlebar Dual handlebarDual handlebarDual handlebarDual handlebar
Speed - 3,5 km/h3,5 km/h3,5 km/h3,5 km/h
Weight 24 kg 25 kg26 kg26 kg27 kg


MB = petrol mower
HS = handlebar start
MS = motorstop
RS = ReadyStart system
OHV = overhead valves
F = front-wheel drive
C = comfort
T = 1-speed

Accessories Description
AMK 043 and AMK 048 mulching kits Multi-blade and mulch insert

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