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New: The VIKING T4 Series lawn tractors

Mowing without limits

VIKING lawn tractors are characterised by driving pleasure, performance and numerous comfort features. VIKING has now expanded its range with four new side discharge mowers. With the new T4 Series models, the side discharge distributes the grass clippings evenly over the lawn, where it remains deposited to fertilise the lawn. The clippings do not have to be disposed of, which saves time. Amateur gardeners can select a suitable lawn tractor from four available versions.

With a lawn tractor, large lawns can be mowed comfortably while seated. A great deal of clippings is produced, which is first collected in a large grass catcher box and then lands on the compost. However, a suitable place for allowing this organic waste to decompose is not available in all gardens. With the VIKING T4 Series lawn tractors, gardeners no longer need to worry about this problem.   

All the T4 Series machines are equipped with a side discharge. This distributes the clippings evenly across the lawn. The clippings can remain on the lawn where they undergo an optimal decomposition process. This saves time during mowing and provides the soil with just the right nutrients which have been depleted through plant growth. Side discharge mowers are also ideally suited for higher grass. The T4 Series lawn tractors can thus be used flexibly on lawns of any size. Because they do not require a grass catcher box, they are particularly compact. They have a turning radius of only 70 centimetres. The lawn tractors also negotiate any terrain with ease thanks to their large, lawn-protecting treaded tyres.

The right model for everyone
The T4 Series comprises a total of four models. Individual equipment features ensure that all users will find a suitable machine to cover their needs. Distinguishing features of the lawn tractor models are their cutting widths (95 and 110 centimetres), power and tyre size. The power is provided by robust one- or two-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engines with displacements between 344 and 656 cubic centimetres (for the most powerful lawn tractor). An integrated engine cooling system supplies the engine with fresh air and protects it from overheating. 

Intelligent ergonomics for pleasant working 
In terms of comfort, sophisticated technology and driving pleasure, VIKING has once again set a high standard. A great deal of value was placed on comfortable working. This is immediately obvious from the comfortable seat. The low step and ample legroom are pleasant and ergonomically favourable. The tool-free adjustable sprung loaded seat and the sporty steering wheel shape complete the ergonomic advantages. All the controls are easily accessible so that the driver always has a good overview.

The forward/reverse drive switching developed by VIKING is reminiscent of driving an automatic car: Simply push the lever to the left of the steering wheel forwards and press the drive pedal with your right foot and the lawn tractor begins to move forwards. For reversing, just pull the lever at the steering wheel rearwards. A hydrostatic gearbox allows the speed to be infinitely adjusted. 

Simple manual operation
The spring-loaded cutting height adjustment with 7 settings from 3.5 to 9 centimetres can be easily operated from the driver's seat.

When the blade unit is not in use, for example when driving from the garage to the lawn, the electromagnetic blade clutch stops mowing operation safely and conveniently at the push of a button. 

The sturdy, resilient frame construction of the VIKING lawn tractors is ideally suited for the attachment of e.g. a tilting trailer, snow plough or garden roller. These and further useful equipment options are available in the comprehensive accessory range for the VIKING lawn tractors. The optional mulching kits, with which the side discharge tractors can be converted into mulching mowers are particularly practical. All the T4 Series lawn tractors are equipped with a trailer coupling as standard.

Technical specifications

Model MT 4097 SX MT 4097 SMT 4112 SMT 4112 SZ
Cutting width, cm 95 95110110
Engine type B&S 3130 Series B&S 4155 SeriesB&S 4175 SeriesB&S 7160 Series
Cutting height, mm 35 - 90 35 - 9035 - 9035 - 90
Drive Hydro HydroHydroHydro
Front tyres, cm 15 x 5.00-6 15 x 6.00-615 x 6.00-616 x 7.50-8
Rear tyres, cm 18 x 8.50-8 18 x 8.50-818 x 8.50-820 x 10.00-8
weight, kg 197 202209224

Accessories Description
AMK 097 S Mulching kit, 95 cm
AMK 112 S Mulching kit, 110 cm
AST 062 (only for MT 4097 SX Bumper
PICK UP 300 Tilting trailer
AGW 098 Garden roller
ART 020 Spare tyres with tractor treads for 20" rear wheels
ASK 018 Snow chains for 18" rear wheels
ASK 020 Snow chains for 20" rear wheels
ADL 012 Diagnostic charger
Snow clearing set Attachment kit with snow plough
ACB 010 Float charger
AAW 012 Winter battery
AAH 200 Covering hood

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