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Powerful performance for high standards

NEW: VIKING 6 Series lawn mowers

Powerful performance for high standards Zoom

The new 6 Series generation from VIKING offers discerning and semi-professional users lawn mowers that are ideal for use on large lawns and on slopes of up to 25 degrees. Designed for lawn areas from 2,000 to 2,500 m² and with cutting widths of 48 and 53 cm, the range features six different machines with varying equipment features.

Those who regularly care for large lawns – from orchards to playing areas for children – need powerful mowers that can also handle difficult conditions such as slopes, mow reliably and are comfortable to guide for prolonged periods. VIKING has developed its high-end 6 Series mowers to meet these requirements. Discerning and semi-professional users can rely on maximum comfort, performance and durability. VIKING is launching a total of six models, which differ in terms of cutting width, drive type and power output.

An attractive cutting pattern for a perfect lawn
At the heart of the mowing technology are the special highlift blades developed by VIKING. They create a strong air current, which lifts the grass, ensuring that the sharp blades can cut it cleanly. Even slightly wet or thick grass poses no problem. The versatile mowers can collect, eject or mulch the clippings. The mulching key is supplied as standard.

Comfort and intelligent ergonomics
Comfort is a top priority in all VIKING products – from the smallest to the largest mowers. The height-adjustable mono-comfort handlebar of the 6 Series mowers relieves strain on the user and makes it possible to access the large 70-litre grass catcher box unimpeded. The overall design is characterised by robust materials and a well-balanced centre of gravity, which ensure that the machines can be guided safely and easily in any situation.

A small, yet extremely effective design detail is the super soft grip, which ensures a firm, comfortable hold, particularly during prolonged operation. For operations that are repeated many times during mowing, VIKING offers support in the form of smooth-running mechanisms and user-friendly design. A perfect example is the grass catcher box, which can be emptied quickly and easily thanks to recessed grips and a large aperture flap. Those with experience of mowing large lawns will appreciate the quiet running of the machines. VIKING achieves the low vibration values thanks to a special engine mounting.

Materials for safe and sustained use
The robustness and durability of the individual components can be seen in features such as the aluminium mower housing. It is lightweight, yet extremely strong, which makes it more resistant to impact. VIKING's many years of experience as a premium gardening power tool manufacturer is also evident in the machine components that are subjected to severe wear and tear. To minimise wear, VIKING has given additional reinforcement to components subjected to load peaks. VIKING has even thought about the Achilles tendon of a mower – the crankshaft protection – by providing a target bending point on the multi-blade, which yields when the mower travels over a foreign object.

The perfect model for everyone
Apart from the different cutting widths, the six mowers have specific differences, which enable them to meet high standards. For example, the MB 650 VS, MB 655 VS and MB 655 YS models are also equipped with a blade brake clutch (BBC) with integrated crankshaft protection. When the BBC is disengaged, the engine can continue running on paths or when stopped at the compost heap.

Depending on the lawn area and slope, users can choose between various drive systems. The MB 650 T has 1-speed self-propulsion, while the other models are equipped with an infinitely variable Vario drive. The most powerful mower in the 6 Series – the MB 655 YS model – has a low-maintenance, hydrostatic gearbox. When it comes to engine power, the deciding factors are individual preference and the lawn area. Four mowers (MB 650, MB 650 V, MB 650 VS, MB 655 V) are powered by a robust Kohler Courage engine, while a Briggs&Stratton engine reliably delivers power to the MB 655 VS. The MB 655 YS features a powerful Kawasaki engine for meeting the highest demands in terms of power and durability.

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