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Mulch mowing like the professionals

New: VIKING MB 4 RV lawn mower

The VIKING R Series mulching mowers with a cutting width of 53 centimetres are the perfect choice for amateur gardeners and semi-professional use, for example in parks, wildlife gardens, public areas or roundabouts. The new MB 4 RV features a Vario drive that allows the mower speed to be infinitely adjusted in accordance with the terrain.

Mulch mowing is efficient and environmentally sound. This is because the finely shredded clippings are evenly spread over the turf. Wearisome trips back and forth to the compost heap for emptying the grass catcher box are dispensed with. This represents an enormous reduction in time and effort for those who have large lawns areas to tend each day. Furthermore, mulching can make a significant contribution to sustainable lawn care. The mulched material fertilises the lawn and improves the soil quality over time.

This is precisely what the MB 4 R Series mulching mowers are designed for: supporting the gardener and reducing his workload. These machines are equipped with a host of useful features and are specially designed for large lawns and enduring performance.

The MB 4 RV is a new member of the model series. Its additional Vario drive makes it easier to work in challenging terrain such as slopes and embankments or tall grass as the speed of the mower can be infinitely adjusted. The combined Vario and mulching functions mean that the user can fully focus on the terrain and the job of mowing.

Designed for a long service life
In common with all the machines in this series, the further features of this mulching mower are designed for a long service life and the challenging conditions encountered during semi-professional and professional use. These include high-performance engines, robust materials and a manoeuvrable chassis with front-wheel drive. The forged crankshaft, additional bearing and aluminium housing prove themselves during prolonged operation, as does the protective gearbox cover, which guards against damage to the engine from stone impact, for example.

For labour-saving operation, the machines feature an easy start system that ensures reliable engine starting. The engine itself is mounted on special anti-vibration elements that absorb most of the vibrations. This makes the mulching mower very steady in the hands, allowing you to work for longer without fatigue. A great deal of attention has been paid to ergonomic aspects, such as the option of individually adjusting the machines to the user's body height. This can be easily achieved with the MB 4 RV thanks to the height adjustable handlebar. The spring-loaded cutting height adjustment with settings from 30 to 70 millimetres is easy to use, making this routine task almost effortless.

When work is finished, the handle can be folded forward, minimising the storage space required. The recessed grips at the front and rear of the housing allow the mulching mower to be carried safely and comfortably, also enabling it to be loaded onto a trailer.

Environmentally friendly seal
As well as convenience, functionality and durability, the new MB 4 RV, like all 4 R Series mulching mowers, also provides a convincing environmental balance. Trips to the compost heap are dispensed with, reducing CO2 emissions. Return of the clippings to the natural cycle as a fertiliser is a major sustainability feature. The Scandinavian SVANEN environmental label is among the most stringent in Europe and evaluates all of a company's manufacturing processes, proving that mowers in this service class can certainly be environmentally friendly.

Technical specifications

Model MB 4 RV
Lawn area up to approx. 2,500 m²
Cutting width 53 cm
Cutting height 30 – 70 mm
Engine type Kohler Series XT675 OHV SC
Nominal output at working speed 2.2 kW / 3.0 HP
2,800 rpm
Drive Vario
Cutting height adjustment 5 settings (central)
Machine weight 36 kg

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