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iMow – intelligent lawn care in record time

New: VIKING joins "premium robotic mower class"

Initially available as of now in Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Also available in other countries from 2014. iMow is the latest innovative generation of robotic mower from VIKING. They operate reliably, precisely and safely ensuring perfect lawn care on areas up to 4,000 square metres. And they do all this in the shortest time, working extremely quickly and precisely. Added to the intelligent technology is the sophisticated design. Two iMow models are available, depending on requirements and garden size.

For higher performance, better lawn care and greater enjoyment: Robotic mowers from VIKING
An oasis of peace, a natural habitat, a place for leisure activities, family and friends – a garden can be many things. In order to prevent it from also becoming a workplace, the new, innovative iMow robotic mowers are now available. These high-tech mobile machines take over all the lawn mowing and lawn care work, doing the job in the shortest time. For example: In order to neatly mow 1,000 square metres of lawn, the MI 632 operates for around three hours on five days. Operation can be programmed to take place in the early morning hours, or during the night. During the daytime, it remains in its docking station and the garden can be utilised undisturbed. The garden owner benefits from a particularly valuable resource: time. And that means quality of life. This time saving is achieved by the iMow models thanks to their large batteries, powerful motors and intelligent technology from VIKING. Great performance combined with great looks: Its rounded chassis shape, smooth surface material and compact size make the iMow a real design object. And a lifestyle object, which unites the possibilities offered by intelligent technologies with the desire for a modern way of life. This is the iMow. Progress only has value if it brings real benefits.

High performance, simple operation: programming
The numerous high-tech functions of the iMow are easy to operate. An assistant guides you step-by-step through the initial installation and makes a suggestion for the ideal mowing plan. This is performed simply and quickly and the user interface on the control panel is clearly structured. The display enables setting to be made just as easily in the dark as in brilliant sunlight. The mowing paths of the iMow are determined by perimeter wire, which is laid either on the lawn or buried to a depth of a few centimetres under the ground, using fixing pins. For security purposes, special coding prevents robotic mowers in the vicinity, other extraneous signals or electrical cables from "confusing" the iMow. If the iMow is to mow in the area outside the perimeter wire, the control unit can be removed from the housing and used as a remote control. This allows the robotic mower to be conveniently steered to all the necessary lawn areas at the push of a button. This flexibility, combined with comfortable operation and highly efficient performance make the iMow a machine that offers what really counts: practical day-to-day usability.

Grassy areas turned into perfectly tended lawns
The iMow randomly criss-crosses the lawn with maximum precision, without leaving a single blade uncut. The cutting height can be adjusted in 15 settings from 20 to 60 millimetres. The robotic mower is also equipped with eyes and ears in the form of sensors. The machine automatically avoids all obstacles taken into account when laying the wires. Otherwise, it changes direction in order to circumvent obstacles. If the sensors detect rain, the iMow stops work and returns to its docking station. As soon as the weather improves, it automatically catches up on lost mowing time. When performing all its mowing tasks, the iMow moves at a remarkable speed, gliding elegantly and quickly over the lawn. Changes in the terrain do not pose a problem as it handles slopes of up to 35 percent with ease. The iMow charges its battery (featuring the evolutionary STIHL technology) independently and at different speeds according to the requirements. At night, for example, the energy stores are only filled up slowly. In the case of an impending scheduled operation, the robotic mower switches to rapid charging. The iMow also uses this mode if the battery charge drops during running operation. In this case, it returns to the docking station and charges the battery up to 80 percent capacity in quick-charge mode, then resumes mowing. The rapid charging capacity is indicative of a cleverly considered use of energy: the power consumption of the iMow is controlled efficiently at all times and is perfectly adapted to the machine type. VIKING targets people for whom modern technology and sustainability are no contradiction. Controlled by means of efficient energy management, the iMow MI 632 is suitable for lawns up to 3,000 square metres. And, equipped with a larger battery and more powerful motor, the iMow MI 632 P manages lawns of up to 4000 square metres.

Everything for a perfect lawn: mowing and mulching
The iMow turns lawn mowing into precision work – a delight for any garden lover. The sturdy rotating blade with a cutting width of 30 centimetres cuts the grass cleanly and precisely. The blade is long-lasting as it is sharpened on both edges and keeps changing its direction of rotation. When a blade change is necessary, the old blade can be removed easily and without tools. The new blade is then simply fitted and secured via a twisting movement.
VIKING's many years of experience with mulching technology ensures excellent mowing results. The millimetre-short mown grass remains on the lawn, providing valuable fertiliser. High grade, perfectly natural and therefore ecologically sound. With its optimised mowing deck design, the iMow supports this process. It distributes fine grass clippings allowing it to decompose more quickly.

Highest safety and anti-theft protection standards
Safety is a priority with the robotic mower, particularly with regard to the sharp blades. Sensitive lift sensors detect when the iMow is raised stopping the blade instantaneously. The ergonomically shaped carrying handle ensures that the blade points away from the body when the machine is lifted and carried. The iMow models meet the stringent safety requirements of the robotic mower standard. Protection from thieves is provided by an integrated anti-theft protection system. Furthermore, the robotic mower and docking station form a perfect unit: each iMow only operates in conjunction with its individually programmed docking station.

Specialist dealer service
The iMow robotic mower is available exclusively from VIKING specialist dealers. This is because specialist dealers offer sound, individual consulting and an expert service - guaranteed. After all, VIKING machines excel by virtue of their high quality, reliability and durability. VIKING specialist dealers are equipped with a diagnostic software specially designed for the iMow. Using this, they can check the electronics and software, as well as performing settings and updates. Moreover, they can also carry out installation.

Basic technical specifications

MI 632 MI 632 P
Ideal lawn size 1,000 m² 2,000 m²
Maximum possible lawn size up to approx. 3,000 m² up to approx. 4,000 m²
Battery capacity 130 Wh 194 Wh
Battery type STIHL li-ion battery STIHL li-ion battery
Cutting system Mulch mowing system Mulch mowing system
Cutting width 30 cm 30 cm
Weight (battery included) 12.1 kg 12.4 kg

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