Langkampfen, 28.11.2008

Guinness World Record with VIKING lawn mowers

November 2008. During a period when most people have already stored their lawn mowers away for the winter, a Guinness World Record in endurance lawn mowing was recently set in Agárd (Hungary). The two Hungarian students Balász Turzó and Aron Sellei set the world record with a VIKING&nbspmodel MB 448 T lawn mower.
The athletic young men managed to mow non-stop for precisely 24 hours with the VIKING 4 Series MB 448 T lawn mower. Only one 5-minute break was allowed each hour for the two, who were under constant medical supervision.
Gardening power tool manufacturer VIKING was delighted that the lawn mowers withstood the endurance test without problems. In contrast to the two world-record holders, who went through several critical phases in which they temporarily thought of giving up.

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