Langkampfen, 25.01.2013

"Svanen" label for environmentally friendly VIKING lawn mowers

The three new VIKING MB 4 R mulching mowers were recently awarded the "Svanen" ecolabel, the reputable, Nordic and beyond the borders renowned mark of quality with particularly strict environmental protection requirements. The coveted "Svanen" (meaning "swans") label for parks and gardens is awarded by a committee of representatives from environmental organisations, trade, industry and state organisations from the Nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.
The new VIKING mulching mowers, which are presently being introduced onto the market, convinced the testing commission with regard to points including noise emission and the prevention of pollutants. Here, for example, significantly reduced fuel consumption and maximum exhaust gas emissions are stipulated. The label was also awarded for abandoning materials such as heavy metals and softeners.
Mulching mowers are lawn mowers that do not, as usual, collect the clippings in a grass catcher box, but finely shred them and return them to the ground as natural fertiliser. For the Tyrolean gardening power tool manufacturer VIKING, who also sets itself ambitious environmental targets, winning the reputable, international environmental label is a further acknowledgement of its investment in innovative and sustainable solutions.


Fig. 1: Johann Weiglhofer, Product Development Manager at VIKING, recently presented the certificate for the "Svanen" environmental label.

Fig. 2: The excellent MB 4 R mulching mowers – such as the MB 4 RT model illustrated – mow and mulch the lawn.

Fig. 3: The international "Svanen" environmental label.

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