A look around the EMC Center at STIHL Tirol

Since the end of 2023, STIHL Tirol has been home to a working laboratory for "electromagnetic compatibility”, or “EMC” for short. The laboratory can be used for tests that were previously always outsourced to external laboratories. The centre is available for projects from across the entire STIHL Group and is another important pillar for the Tirol site.

At the core of the laboratory is a shielded chamber, which can be seen in the pictures. The chamber is used for the fully automated measurement of the radiated interference and immunity of STIHL products, especially during the development phase. Passing these tests is a prerequisite for market approval. The chamber is equipped with a turntable that allows test specimens to be measured from all sides and an adjustable antenna mast for standard-compliant measurements at varying heights. There are also test stations outside the chamber for measuring interference and immunity via cables (e.g. power connections) and for electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Check it out and see for yourself: