STIHL Tirol in Tyrolean cinemas

Recruiting videos re-imagined:

In autumn 2023, a small STIHL Tirol delegation made its way to Vienna to shoot four cinema clips with our film partner. The ads, made for different film genres, were broadcast in Tyrolean cinemas in autumn as “trailers” before the start of movies. Based on the genre of the film showing, the relevant ad was selected: sci-fi, drama or comedy. The stars of the clips are future applicants. They run through a scene from their professional lives that seems hopeless, tiring and unresolvable and all come to the same conclusion: It’s time for a new job. A job at STIHL Tirol.

Have we piqued your interest?

You can watch the cinema clips here on our website too. The written and spoken texts in the adverts are in German but we didn't want to keep them from you – they are well worth a watch anyway. Entertainment guaranteed!

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