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Sustainability Report 2022

The topic of sustainability is more important now than ever. At STIHL Tirol, we want to be a role model in this field. The Sustainability Report 2022 clearly shows how close this topic is to our hearts. 
For example, STIHL reduced direct carbon emissions by 43% last year compared to the previous year. This reduction is due, in part, to the conversion of worldwide STIHL production companies to green electricity.

STIHL has launched numerous initiatives to meet its responsibility in terms of sustainability. The switch to green power is a first step. By 2030, STIHL aims, among other things, to reduce its consumption of natural gas and oil by 40% company-wide compared to 2019.

In line with the circular economy strategy, focus over the next few years will also be placed on the further development of products to make them as recyclable as possible. In addition, sustainability will become a fixed component of supplier management in order to establish sustainable supply chains.

All activities, as well as the sustainability strategy and its targets, are outlined in the STIHL Sustainability Report for 2022.

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