5th place in Austria! 1st in Tyrol!

In addition to its “Best Employers” in Germany and Switzerland surveys, ServiceValue GmbH, an analysis institute from Cologne in Germany, conducts large-scale opinion surveys to determine the attractiveness of companies in Austria as rated by the general population. “Austria’s Best Employers” provides the results as an overall ranking. The current publication in August 2023 presents employers based on their image.

735 companies were evaluated in the study “Austria’s Best Employers 2023” based on almost 230,000 responses. The study consists of surveys carried out via online panels. In it, respondents are asked to rate companies, which they or people that they know have direct contact with, in terms of their quality as an employer.

The result: STIHL Tirol ranked very highly. We are proud to have been awarded fifth place in the Austrian overall rankings. In the state of Tyrol, we are even number 1! This shows that it’s not only our products that make a great impression.