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Are you still a school pupil or a university student? If so, you have the opportunity to take your first steps in the world of work with us. We get you involved in real projects and offer exciting project work and final thesis topics. You can also gain practical experience by completing an internship, taking on a holiday job or joining us as a student employee. These options are the ideal opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to enjoy an excellent learning experience.

Final thesis projects
We frequently have interesting topics for bachelor, master's and German "Diplom" degree theses that enable us to expand our expertise in collaboration with motivated school-leavers and students. We are also happy to receive your ideas for potential topics in the form of a speculative application. If you work on your thesis with STIHL Tirol, we will allocate you your own personal supervisor to provide you with the best possible support throughout your project.

Holiday jobs
Do you want to gain professional experience during the summer holidays while topping up your bank account at the same time? Apply for a holiday job at STIHL Tirol and do exactly that. The application period for holiday jobs is open from November until the end of January. When submitting your application, please always specify your desired dates (a period of at least four weeks) and the department in which you would like to work. This will help us to find the right job for you. STIHL Tirol generally offers holiday jobs in almost all of our different departments.

We offer students a variety of challenging internship activities year round, especially in our technical departments, for example the further development of equipment functions or the optimisation of process sequences. We also offer you the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice and use your own ideas in other departments such as Marketing or Human Resources. Being involved in our daily processes enables you to gain valuable experience for your professional future.

Student jobs
Do you want to directly combine your studies with a practical working environment? If so, taking on a position as a student employee or part-time worker at STIHL Tirol is the ideal choice for you. We get you involved in interesting projects right from the start and welcome you as an active member of our team, even if you're not available throughout the entire week. You can therefore make the most of our specialists and their experience while advancing your studies at the same time.

Cooperation with schools and universities
We actively promote cooperation with schools and universities from the local region. We are happy to provide educational institutions with plant visits, case studies, projects or technical presentations by our experts. By doing so, we provide school pupils and students with an insight into the world of one of Tyrol's largest industrial companies and help them to expand their theoretical knowledge and understand how it works in practice. For more information, please free to get in touch with your contact in the STIHL Tirol Human Resources Management team, who will be happy to help.


Claudia Bergmann, M.A. Contact for temporary, student and holiday jobs

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