FAQs about the brand change

The brand change will open up worldwide sales opportunities for VIKING products in the medium term. We need to concentrate our strengths on a single brand and on harnessing the international market potential both inside and outside of Europe. VIKING has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the STIHL Group since 1992.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What happens after the brand change?

From 2019, the entire product range by garden tool manufacturer VIKING will be distributed exclusively by the STIHL Group under the STIHL brand. The integration will enable a concentration of all sales and marketing activities under a single brand. 

The STIHL Group guarantees that arrangements for VIKING products regarding warranty, spare parts and service will remain unchanged after the brand change.

Will there be changes to the STIHL Tirol product range?

No. STIHL Tirol will continue to produce the existing product portfolio and to develop products as a centre of excellence for ground-based gardening tools in cooperation with STIHL corporate headquarters.

Where can I buy spare parts for my VIKING product and for how long?

Spare parts are distributed for at least 10 years and are available at every STIHL specialist dealer, also for the VIKING brand. The 10 years refer to the end of production of the product.

Where can I buy accessories for my VIKING product and for how long?

VIKING accessories are distributed for at least 3 years and are available at every STIHL specialist dealer. STIHL accessories are also compatible with VIKING products.

What does this mean for the guarantee or warranty for my VIKING product?

Your STIHL specialist dealer will continue to be your point of contact for guarantee and warranty cases. You can continue to rely on the scope of the granted manufacturer's guarantee.

Where can I take my VIKING product to be serviced or repaired after the brand change?

The specialist dealer where you purchased your product will continue to be your point of contact. You are welcome to contact all STIHL specialist dealers, who have sold previous VIKING products.

STIHL Executive Board Chairman Dr Bertram Kandziora emphasises: "Our customers can continue to count on the sterling services provided by their specialist dealer for purchased VIKING products."

Will ground-based products continue to be available from my local STIHL specialist dealer?

Yes, but under the STIHL brand.

Is it possible to purchase VIKING products after the brand change?

The gardening tools will continue to be available in the green design at specialist dealers while stocks last. The previous guarantee conditions apply.

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