Extension officially opened!

Extension opened in an official ceremony

On 1st February 2019, a celebration was held to officially open the largest building extension in the history of STIHL Tirol. This is the fourth large investment STIHL Tirol has made in the company site at Langkampfen and another statement for the future. The production of lawn mowers and other STIHL ground-based gardening tools has been greatly expanded along with the development facilities, and numerous new jobs have also been created. The fourth phase of construction amounts to an investment of 22.8 million euros and represents the highest single investment in the STIHL Group's Austrian location to date.

Highlights of the extension:

Floor space
The new extension in Langkampfen was built on 16,000 m² of land. Usable floor space has been extended by 20,000 m².

Green rooftop spaces for robotic lawnmowers
STIHL iMOW® robotic mowers will be put to work on the partially green roof of the new building, which doubles as a test area. 3,000 m² of the roof was laid with turf for this purpose.

Automated small parts warehouse
The state-of-the-art small parts warehouse is a special highlight and one of the most modern of its kind in Austria. 17 robots store 47,000 containers and stack them in aluminium shafts.

Endurance testing rooms
25 test cabins have been created for equipment testing. The equipment developed can now be tested 24 hours a day.

Apprentice workshop
A new apprentice workshop has been built for junior staff.

Other special features
The 120 employees in the development department will benefit from new office units. Modern laboratory areas and electronics workshops with special protective devices have also been created.

150 new jobs  
The high number of new jobs is great news. The extension created around 150 new jobs and about 65 of these positions were already filled by the start of 2019. 

This major project was implemented in record time and the deadlines, costs and quality specifications were met with pinpoint accuracy. The demanding construction project was completed on schedule after only 16 months.