STIHL Tirol expands its facilities and intensifies its in-house manufacturing activities

STIHL Tirol continues to grow

Following expansions in 2007, 2012 and 2019, we are pleased to have started phase 5 of construction at our location in Langkampfen with the official ground-breaking ceremony on 29 April 2021. By summer 2022, the newly developed site covering 3,500 m² will be home to a plastics manufacturing facility – a strategically important milestone. Increasing the level of in-house manufacturing has cost benefits, is sustainable and supports STIHL's climate strategy. The project represents an investment of 19 million euros. Jobs will be created for an additional 50 employees. Thus STIHL Tirol continues its steady growth.


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STIHL Tirol, Spatenstich Erweiterungsbau

(From left to right) Clemens Schaller, managing director, and Richard Felix, production manager (both STIHL Tirol) at the ground-breaking ceremony with Anton Rieder from the construction company behind the project, RiederBau.